How to display only specific categories on shop page on WooCommerce

I have been looking for this for a while with no luck. Finally I found some code that with small alterations worked. There can be other more effective solutions for this out there, but I am not aware of them.

So here it is.

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Alter webpage title on Joomla and K2 for SEO purposes

Recently, I  had to alter the <title> tags of a website built with Joomla CMS (version 1.5.x) and the powerful K2 content component, for SEO purposes. The problem was that the sitename that you define on the Joomla site settings was prepended to all title tags in all pages. For example if we suppose that the site name is “Sample site name”, the titles on my webpages where as following:

  • Homepage: Sample site name
  • Article pages: Sample site name – Article Tile

This is unwanted behaviour for SEO (and not only SEO) reasons. I don’t know if this is an issue only for websites using the K2 content component or a genaral Joomla issue. Anyway, the desired behavior is something like the following:

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What is Google PageRank Good For?

Must watch (educating and fun to watch video) by Rand Fishkin of, on the importance and the myths regarding Google PageRank!  Enjoy:


My experience with DROBO FS so far

My geek Xmas gift to myself was a Drobo FS . Drobo FS  is a storage mount where you insert plain SATA hard disks. It’s biggest advantage is that it takes over the management or redundancy with your inserted disks and there is no need for you to configure replication redundancy like RAID etc. Your data is distributed across these disks but you don’t know that, you only see the device as one storage. When a hard disk fails, it notifies you, but it continues to work and you can replace the faulty device with a new one, without having to take any other actions. If you have inserted lots of disks, it can tolerate 2 simultaneous faults!

I bought the Drobo FS version, because I needed a network device with it’s own IP address, that can be accessed by all my computers and that can also be accessed even when I am not at home, without having to leave a PC turned on (the PC where the Drobo has to be plugged in, if it is not the Ethernet version). I bought it from because the greek dealer for Drobos ( didn’t have the FS version available, but only the USB versions (and of course the “cheap” USB versions are sold in Greece at a price higher than the FS versions abroad, typical greek market). Continue reading My experience with DROBO FS so far

Transfering content from Joomla to WordPress

Recently I had to help with a site switch from the Joomla! CMS to WordPress. There is an tool published in the Worpdress website which can be found here:

but it doesn’t work for the new versions of these CMSes. There is an error that has to do with WordPress post_category field, which being obsolete for many versions,now has been removed.

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Dell next business day no3

DELL charger

Επειδή δεν μ’ αρέσει μόνο να γκρινιάζω, θα αναφερθώ και πάλι (μετά τα Dell next business day , Dell next business day no2) στην DELL 🙂 )

Εδώ και κάποιον καιρό, όταν ξεκίναγε το laptop μου, στο post έκανε ένα μπιπ μπιπ και με ενημέρωνε ότι κάτι κακό συμβαίνει με την τροφοδοσία ρεύματος. Δεν έδωσα και πολλή σημασία, με ένα F2 συνέχιζα κανονικά. Υποψιάστηκα μάλιστα ότι ίσως η μπαταρία μου τα έφτυσε και ετοιμάστηκα να μπω σε έξοδα όταν τα φτύσει τελείως. Αυτό έγινε μετά από ένα μήνα από τα πρώτα συμπτώματα. Πλέον η μπαταρία δεν φόρτιζε καθόλου και αν αποσύνδεεες τον φορτιστή, ο υπολογιστής έσβηνε τελείως και αμέσως!

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