My first gaming console

For a few days now, I got my first Sony Playstation console ever. It’s the new PS4 and I didn’t actually buy it but I won it as a prize in a World Cup related contest!

I’ve always considered myself more of a PC gamer and snobbed console games.Being a geek it is strange that my only pure gaming devices so far have been an ancient Atari console and the first Nintendo GameBoy! These where about 25 years ago. Since then, I only owned (a big number) of PCs and laptops. Recently also smartphones and a tablet, b
ut then again my use of these devices doesn’t actually qualify them as gaming devices.

After all, maybe I am not considered a gamer anymore. Of course my relationship with games has always been close due to various web properties that I own, but since my college years the only game I have played is probably Football Manager!












Anyway, as I started this note, I won a PS4 in Innogames’ World Cup prediction league of the recent Brazil 2004 WC. My relationship with Innogames is that I promote their browser games, on my we properties as a publisher and this fact gave me the option to participate in that contest since it was closed only for their partners. The competition was more or less predicting the final scores of every WC game and earning points according to how close you guessed the actual final result.

Well, I did pretty well and that earned me the new PS4! Thanks a lot Innogames! First impressions are great, this console produces incredibly great graphics! It’s 500Gb HD is currently occupied mostly by sport games simulations (like Fifa14, NHL14, NFL14 etc) in their demo versions but I am certainly looking forward to try other genres as well.

That’s all for now, I will come back with more detailed comments when I discover more features of this new electronic gadget 🙂