Pork and Chicken Skewers on Gas Barbeque

Last week we made some skewers on our Gas Barbeque. Skewers are very fast to cook although there are some tricks involved for perfect success.

  • We got a mix of chicken and pork meat. Chicken and Pork needs to be cooked well done, it is not like Beef that you can taste almost raw
  • The good thing is that since the slices on the skewer are thin, this wont take a lot of time
  • I grilled them for about 15 minutes with the lid closed for most of the time
  • I preheated the BBQ at 250 degrees Celcius with the gas turned to max and then lowered all switches to the lowest level to put the meat on the grates
  • I had to cook them at indirect heat at some points, because the juices from the meat caused a lot of flames in the BBQ and I did not want to burn them. So what I did was turn of 1/3 gas tubes and cook the skewers above the tube that was turned of with the heat of the other 2 ones
  • Lessons learned: next time I will use metal skewers
  • I will also to get a special grate for skewers because the way I put them directly on the cast iron grates, made it difficult to handle as lots of meat slices fell apart

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