Beef Steak on Gas Barbeque

  1. Bought some Steakes of about 2 cm thick.
  2. Marinated the Stakes only with lemonated thick salt and pepper
  3. Pre-heated the BBQ to about 250 degrees Ceclcius sto that the grates are super hot
  4. Also baked some Potatoes. I just covered them with foil and put them on the top grill. They need more time than the meat, so I put them beforehand. They are ready when you can fork them with ease.
  5. Cooked them for 10 mins (5 each side). There are recipes saying you need 2 min per cm of thickness but I wanted to also feed the kids with them and they prefer them very well done

My gas barbeque is a value for money Vanward Majesty S.

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