Beta testing Google Ad Manager

Όπως έγραφα και τον  Μάρτη η Google θα προσφέρει τον δικό της Ad Manager. Τότε είχα κάνει αίτηση για το Beta και σήμερα έλαβα το ακολουθο email:

Welcome to Google Ad Manager


Congratulations! We’ve reviewed your application and would like to offer
you early access to the beta release of Google Ad Manager.

Please note that this product is currently available in English only. If
English isn’t your preferred language, you can switch to Ad Manager in
your local language once we make this option available.

Ready to start using Google Ad Manager?

1. Visit and sign in with your AdSense
username and password.

2. When you sign in, you’ll be asked to select a timezone and currency.
suggest that you select your local timezone to schedule ads on your site.
We also recommend selecting the same currency you use to bill your
advertisers. Your timezone and currency choices will be permanent,
although they won’t affect your AdSense language and payments settings.

For immediate assistance, visit our Help Center at You can also join the
Ad Manager Help Forum (,
where you can share questions and information with other Ad Manager

If you need help setting up your account, refer to our Getting
Started Guide:

We hope you’ll take advantage of this exclusive beta launch.


The Google Ad Manager Team

Aπό μια πρώτη ματιά που έριξα, κάνει όλα όσα κάνει και το phpAdsΝew (τώρα OpenX) που χρησιμοποιώ εδώ και χρόνια, συν κάποια επιπλέον που θα . Μόλις το τεστάρω με πραγματικά banners, θα καταγράψω εντυπώσεις…

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